Photos from our December meeting are up

The Schism consortium got together at the end of 2021 in Caen to discuss advances, and next directions. It was the first time all getting together in person and even though we had to be masked, it was fun, interesting, and productive.

Presentation at the meeting of the French society for cheminformatics

Hajar Rehioui-Karine has presented her work under the title “Improving SAR analysis via pharmacophoric feature selection and feature transformation” during the 2021 meeting of the French society for chemoinformatics in Lille, Friday, October 1, 2021. The recording of the presentation can be found here. Slides for download

First offline meeting of the Caen team

Due to sanitary restrictions during the Covid epidemic, scientific meetings between the different members of the Caen team, and Hajar Rehioui-Karine, the post-doctoral researcher hired in the context of the project, had only happened online.This changed Friday, April 9, when Hajar visited the GREYC laboratory for interesting discussions and a few photo opportunities.